How do i change my account type from general user to Company?

Login to your account and under edit account you can change your profile type. general user or Company


How do i delete my account?

Logn to your account, click on my account in the left column you will see delete my account


How do i report an ad that i feel does not meet your terms or is not a job listing?

Navigate to the add click on report ad


Which countries can list ads?

Thats easy any country


Are MLM & Work from Home & Adults ads allowed?

No we do not allow these kinds of ads, 98% of the time these are scams, in most cases we will block the user from access to our website.


I am having problems listing an ad?

Make sure you have completed your profile details & all the fields in your ad, once done make sure you have checked the captcha box before submitting.


A poster as requested Money to apply for a position

REPORT THESE ADS, No reputable company would ask you to pay a fee to apply for a position. We at MyRecuitAgent will not ask you to make payment unless you are boosting an ad or you want to promote your listing to others. if you feel that something is not right trust your gut.


Why is your site free?

Simply becuase we want to help, we may eventually charge to boost ads or add some advertising possibilities for companies at a cost but for now its 100% free, just register your account and your done you can list vacancies, apply with your CV directly to the poster.